The Fire Within: Overcoming Adversity by Black Women's Blueprint In Summer 2020, Everwell—and many members of our predominantly white, privileged CIRCLE—committed to the lifelong soul work to become better humans to the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. This summer, in 2021, our Humanity Well is all about continuing to read, learn, listen, grow, cry, unfold, examine from the inside out, challenge ourselves, and commit to the work. We will highlight "Events We Love" that are happening around us, especially those hosted by our sisters at Black Women’s Blueprint and through their Restore Forward initiative.

We are thrilled to feature an EVENT WE LOVE: The Fire Within: Overcoming AdversityWe hope you consider registering for this event, which is hosted by Black Women's Blueprint.

Their event description: Now more than ever, we need to ignite the fire within. Adversity is simply temporary. Bold leadership requires a level of confidence, self-esteem that can be cultivated to propel the success of teams, individuals, and organizations.

Join our facilitator, Dailisha Rodriguez as she helps you discover the fire within!

These times call us forward to create powerful impactful solutions, ignite passion while building new concepts to thrive in a post Covid-19 climate responsibly.

Learn more + register here.

*This is an event we love, but is not hosted by Everwell