ONLINE COURSE: Being 50ish Being 50ish is a series made up of (5) events designed to build off each other.

Women’s lives are episodic. Our 20s, 30s + 40s are often marked by different life experiences and it’s not until we start approaching our 50s, or are in our 50s, that we can’t help but reflect inward--physically, financially and spiritually. Join us for this (5) part series, together with experts from various fields, to explore + share what’s happening to our bodies? Our relationships? Our family? And ourselves, so that we can reframe what Being 50ish looks like.

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Session 1: What Will Your Story Be?
Stef Ziev, Executive + Life Coach
Bonnie Levison, Storyteller + Coach

Session 2: What’s Happening to My Body?
Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, OBGYN + Co-Founder of Tribe Called V

Session 3: Relationships Reframed
Partnerships + Friendships
Paige Nolan, Writer, Speaker, Coach

Session 4: Family Ties
Aging Parents + Growing Kids
Lisa Spiegel, MA, LMHC, Co-Founder of Soho Parenting

Session 5: What's Next?
Dealing with the vacuum (mind, body, spiritual) + Defining your story
Lindsay Hurty, Everwell Co-Founder

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