ONLINE COURSE: Being 50ish Being 50ish is a series made up of (5) events designed to build off each other.

Women’s lives are episodic. Our 20s, 30s + 40s are often marked by different life experiences and it’s not until we start approaching our 50s, or are in our 50s, that we can’t help but reflect inward--physically, financially and spiritually. Join us for this (5) part series, together with experts from various fields, to explore + share what’s happening to our bodies? Our relationships? Our family? And ourselves, so that we can reframe what Being 50ish looks like.

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Session 1: What Will Your Story Be?
Stef Ziev, Executive + Life Coach
Bonnie Levison, Storyteller + Coach

Session 2: What’s Happening to My Body?
Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, OBGYN + Co-Founder of Tribe Called V

Session 3: Relationships Reframed
Partnerships + Friendships
Paige Nolan, Writer, Speaker, Coach

Session 4: Family Ties
Aging Parents + Growing Kids
Lisa Spiegel, MA, LMHC, Co-Founder of Soho Parenting

Session 5: What's Next?
Dealing with the vacuum (mind, body, spiritual) + Defining your story
Lindsay Hurty, Everwell Co-Founder

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Here's what past participants had to say about Being 50ish

"You are all doing a tremendous job and providing wonderful opportunities to get into these important discussions about this time of life. Thank you!"

"Being50ish was really great, fun and so informative! Loved it!" 

"Such a great group of women, great speakers, I love it all!"

"I loved everything about Being 50ish. It could not have come at a better time. I am so impressed by Everwell and what you've created. You are such inspiring examples to women, moms, etc. You deliver your stories and messages with such honesty, knowledge and positivity that allow all of us to feel safe and heard. The workshop helped me tap into a theme around my love for creativity. I started doing watercolors again after a very long break (as in decades). New projects are on the horizon. Thanks again for bringing us this incredible workshop!"

"Love you gals and what you've created, and SOOO glad to be a part of it!"

"Thank you for bringing women (and all people) together as you do, and for offering such a RICH and valuable and thoughtful conversation and SPACE to so many."

"Being 50ish taught me new ways to look at parts of life, as well as reawaken concepts I have learned before but have not been putting into use. Much gratitude!"

"Being 50ish was awesome! Part of the draw is making time for myself to solely reflect on ways that spa outings and solo activities don't necessarily do. Everwell has created a wonderful thing."