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The well known period-related symptoms of acne, cramping, inconsistent bleeding and headaches are brutal for our adolescent girls! And women’s health practitioner Nat Kringoudis is here, in conversation with filmmaker and The Business Of Co-Founder, Abby Epstein, to share some insights to support our daughters in coping with their hormonal challenges. As caregivers to daughters who are new to reproductive health, we often want immediate support for the hormonal shifts happening within their rapidly changing and sensitive bodies. The pill has been, and continues to be a response for many of menstruation's side effects, even for girls who are not seeking contraception. The pill is a valid solution for many; AND, there is more that can be learned on the issue. In the budding age of body literacy, and in response to Abby Epstein + Ricki Lake's provocative documentary, The Business of Birth Control, we are eager to engage in a conversation about other approaches to helping our daughters rescue themselves from their hormone challenges and learn about a variety of methods for contraception. Join us for this live webinar (you're welcome to share the link with your daughter)--be sure to bring all of your contraception-related questions!

Nat Kringoudis

Nat Kringoudis is a two times best-selling author, two times podcast host, and all around women’s health and natural fertility practitioner. She founded Melbourne’s home of natural health, her clinic, The Pagoda Tree, where she has helped over 20,000 women rescue their hormones and reclaim their best lives. She is also be known from her former online TV series Healthtalks.... or her latest book, Beautiful You

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