ONLINE COURSE: Demystifying Spirituality w/ Jaye Newman + Amanda Hilton THIS IS A PRE-RECORDED EVENT. 
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Do you ever wonder how spirituality fits into your humanness?

Life has changed a lot over the past year, leaving many of us with new dilemmas around our relationships with ourselves, our families, and our children. Join Jaye Newman, CranioSacral healer, medium and Whole Life Integration Mentor, and Amanda Hilton, teacher and wellness practitioner + researcher, for a series that offers practical solutions to daily dilemmas. This multi-part pre-recorded online course--entitled Sage & Science: Practical Wisdom in Spirituality--is an invitation into new expanded awareness of oneself, one’s patterns, and one’s own intuitive nature and is designed for those with spiritual curiosity and openness.

Jaye and Amanda's team approach strikes a balance between the sage and the science as they bridge the worlds between the pragmatic and the mystic, the left brain and right brain, the spiritual and the practical.

This course can be incorporated into any schedule and will utilize bite-sized practices of meditation, breathwork, journaling, movement, and imagination to expand your levels of vitality, clarity, and creativity. From this place of new expanded awareness and connection to yourself, you will become a source of intergenerational healing and wellbeing to better support your family and your children.

Please join us for the release of Module 1, focused on Demystifying Spirituality.

Complimentary for all.

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