Being 50ish: What’s Happening to My Body? w/ Dr. Shieva Ghofrany

Being 50ish is a series made up of (5) events designed to build off each other + it’s encouraged to register for the entire series.

Women’s lives are episodic. Our 20s, 30s + 40s are often marked by different life experiences and it’s not until we start approaching our 50s, or are in our 50s, that we can’t help but reflect inward--physically, financially and spiritually. Join us for this (5) part series, together with experts from various fields, to explore + share what’s happening to our bodies? Our relationships? Our family? And ourselves, so that we can reframe what Being 50ish looks like.

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Session 2: What’s Happening to My Body?
w| Dr. Shieva Ghofrany
Monday, March 1 | 7:30-8:30pm
ZOOM Event

Close the door + grab your earbuds, because there’s tons to talk about with Shieva. This session aims to demystify + get real about everything happening to our bodies in and around age 50. We’ll unpack the differences between perimenopause + menopause and all the noise around hormones, weight gain and night-sweats. We’ll also speak candidly about sex + intimacy as it relates our bodies as well as, dare we say, dry v…, you get the idea.
Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, OBGYN, Co-Founder of Tribe Called V + Everwell Member
Dr. Shieva Ghofrany (aka @biglovefiercejuju) is a revered, local OBGYN whose let's-talk-about-it approach to women's health has elevated her to rockstar status amongst her followers. From her personal health journey and many years spent as the doctor to countless women behind the curtain, Shieva has become a valuable resource, a source of inspiration and "fierce juju" and a well of real data to help her patients take control of their health fears and ultimately take ownership of their lives. Shieva is also the Co-Founder of Tribe Called V, an online community for women with a mission to “INCREASE your knowledge in order to DECREASE your anxiety regarding your female health." Everwell is thrilled to welcome Shieva back for our Being 50ish Series so that we may listen in as she digs into this new phase in womanhood while offering concrete action steps and advice for shifting one's mindset and feeling more in control over your health.

The events of these series are designed to build off each other + we encourage you to register for the entire series. If you are unable to attend all the events, you will have access to all recorded sessions. Tickets to individual sessions are also available by emailing

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