The Home Detox Experience w/ Sophia Ruan Gushée: Budget-Friendly Detox Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Join us for a (2) part workshop series to further explore reducing your toxic exposures and share in a detoxing journey together! With Sophia’s guidance, a Home Detox Deep Dive around the Home Detox Workbook will help you take actionable steps that will transform your life.  This workshop series is open to all, but intended for those who are relatively new to home detoxing.

The Home Detox Workbook adds simplicity and organization to detoxing chemicals and heavy metals from your home and lifestyle. Framing your home detox as a mindfulness practice, Sophia will launch your home detox as an “elimination diet” of toxic chemicals and heavy metals. You will track your symptoms as you experiment with which symptoms may improve from the removal of certain toxic exposures. Sophia's signature Home D-Tox Approach is designed for maximum impact on your home detox and minimal impact on your budget. Home Detox Workbook offers the foundational essentials for a practical nontoxic and healing lifestyle––benefitting your home, body, mind, and our planet. It is the first book in the Detox Deep Dive workbook series.

It is recommended, but not required, that one purchase the Home Detox Workbook in preparation for this workshop series. No pre-work is required.

WORKSHOP 1 :  Tuesday 2/23 from 12-1pm

The Home Detox Experience with Sophia Ruan Gushée: Budget-Friendly Detox Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air tends to be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air, and dozens of toxic chemicals and heavy metals have been found in house dust. Sophia will lead participants through the practical and simple ways you can improve your indoor environment for cleaner air and dust.

WORKSHOP 2 :  Tuesday 3/16 from 12-1pm

The Home Detox Experience with Sophia Ruan Gushée: Detox Your Drinking Water and Sleep Quality

Sophia will offer practical approaches to drinking cleaner water and to optimizing your sleep quality. Sleep is one of the most powerful ways we can detox and heal! Sophia will help participants position their space for optimal restoration.

In registering for a ticket, you are signing up for both parts of the series. Each session will be recorded and sent to any participants who are unable to make live session dates.

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$59 for (2) part workshop for non-members*

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About Sophia – Critically-acclaimed by some of the world's leading physicians and researchers, A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures was self-published in October 2015 and has been an Amazon bestseller. Since then, Sophia has been helping people detox chemicals, heavy metals and EMFs (the radiation from our technologies) from what we buy, own and do. She enjoys helping people detox what you won't miss. She and her work have been featured on Dr. Oz Show, HEALTH magazine, Family magazine, Mind Body Green, and Sophia was also invited to become a member of the exclusive Well + Good Council, Advisory Council for the Brown University School of Public Health, and to share her work with Vice President Al Gore. Sophia is a sought-after expert on panels, podcasts, radio shows, and other platforms. She also hosts her own podcast, Practical Nontoxic Living, and offers workshops—Home Detox 101 and EMF Detox (collectively offered as the Essential Detox)—at her online D-Tox Academy. In September 2020, she published two complementary and critically acclaimed bestselling workbooks Home Detox Workbook: Checklists to Eliminate Toxic Chemicals and EMF Detox Workbook: Checklists to Recover from Electromagnetic Exposure. Register for Sophia's non-toxic living newsletter by texting "DETOX" to 66866.

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