Recording of Sex 'N Stuff for Teen Girls + their Moms w/ Dr. Shieva Ghofrany The beloved Dr. Shieva is back at Everwell!! And this time she is talking about SEX. Moms of teens, this is your chance to open the lines of communication with your teenage daughters about all things body, sex, pleasure, and STIs. Simply put: do not miss this opportunity. Shieva is reinventing how we talk about sexuality with young women. Everwell's co-founder, Lindsay Hurty, will engage in a detailed and safe conversation with Shieva where all questions are on the table and all subjects are handled with thought and respect. This recording is ideal for moms with daughters aged 15-22. (Moms of younger teens and tweens who want to plan ahead are welcome to listen in as well).

$15 for members.
$45 for non-members.

**Zoom recording link will be emailed upon registering.