Communication in My Marriage: A Conversation Series (Part 5) w/ Heather Dickinson Let's discuss date 5!

We are thrilled to continue a conversation series built around the text 8 Dates by renowned psychologists and relationship experts, Dr. + Dr. Gottman. Facilitated by Heather Dickinson, LCSW, who specializes in couples and family therapy, the group is reading and discussing this insightful book about effective communication in marriage/committed relationships. This conversation series is intended for those in healthy relationships and is designed to strengthen and deepen one's connection with one's partner.

Although couples are welcome to register together, the conversation is really designed for participants to create space for personal reflection and processing before and after dating one's partner. The book guides readers through 8 conversations to have over the course of 8 dates with one's partner. Participants of this series will have the space to explore the text and discuss how their dates take shape. In this Part 5 of our conversation series, Heather will create space for participants to reflect on their fifth date before supporting the preparations for Date 6.

This discussion is for those who are interested in reading and dating their spouse along the journey together. If you missed Parts 1-4 of this series,  you're welcome to join us for Part 5 if you've been keeping up with the reading and dating through Date 5 in 8 Dates.

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